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  1. Between October and December of 2010 I was brand new to SL and out exploring a lot. I came across a land that was snowy and had a large midevel style home. A stair case in the middle of the home and bedrooms on either side. In one of the bedrooms was a sleeping dragon with pose balls and it seemed, no not seemed, you could actually see the dragon breathing as it slept all curled up in this room. It was huge. Was it actually a bed? I have never seen the like before or since. Does anyone know what it was I stumbled across? I would love to find this again.
  2. Thank you Madelaine McMasters. I thought it was just me...... *sighs*....... as I often have trouble with all things computer. I will do as you suggest.
  3. I have taken pictures and clicked on the post to my profile feed option....but then they do not post. I simply get a message the pictures have been uploaded and are processed. How can I get them to post to m y profile feed and where are they now they have been processed? Thank you
  4. I would like to keep the rezz box out for my home and make it invisible. How can I do this as I am sure I read somewhere about doing so. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for responding. I actually knew someone that didn't move when an avatar came close or accidentally bumped into theirs but had no idea how they did that.
  6. Is there a way to disable the feature that moves an avatar when another avatar bumps into it?
  7. I just posted a pic with a caption on my profile feed but now I want to change the caption as I see an error how do I edit this?
  8. I purchased two dresses from *DNR* at the same time. My account was charged for both items but only one item was delivered. The first dress came right away. The second dress still has not shown up. What can I do? Got your answers and thank you!!! Checked the links and yes both items show they were delivered but only one dress is in my inventory. So I went to the next link and put in the undelivered items. Only nothing comes up. Its just a circular dog chasing tale. Takes me right back to the knowledge base and tells me how to buy more lindens. I don't want to buy more lindens right now. I just want the items I purchased and already paid for. Any other suggestions? This should be easy. Not such a pain. The item didn't come there should be a way to get redelivery. Any suggestions would be so welcome, I am so frustrated at this point.
  9. On my renewal date my linden home reverted to Linden ownership. It still shows Linden ownership over two months later. My belongings are still in the home but I have no control over the security features nor can i get dressed there or have it as my "hone" to tp into every time i log on. Who can fix this as i paid a year in advance and would like ownership returned to me.
  10. my partner and i own some land but he can't see number of prims by each individual on the land, he can't send back if someone has left something there, he can't change status on the land ....he can't change media all of that, is there a way to allow that?
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