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  1. Brilliant thanks, sounds like it will be ok, I'm not fussed about mouselook or shooting anyone lol. I just use it socially. Thanks again
  2. Hm this is getting a bit confusing, I was only asking about integrated cards....
  3. Thanks Nalates, this is EXACTLY the info I was after! I will look now... so it has to be HD400 or higher, right? When you say 'settings turned down' what do you mean? Shadows etc?
  4. Hi Indio thanks for your message, your link to amazon was to an Asus with integrated card... would that work then?
  5. thanks but doesnt really help as I cant afford an dedicated one.... so what am I to do?
  6. My Dell Inspiron with Nvidia graphic card is about to die, and I have to replace it. Problem is that I can't afford one with another Nvidia.... budget being £300/£400. I've asked for advice but got all sorts of conflicting comments.... get dell, get asus, get nvidia, don't worry about nvidia etc. Main question is.... do you NEED a dedicated graphic card or will an integrated work? If so which one? I'm getting sick of it actually... :matte-motes-sick: Soooo, as a summary, if you can help me with choosing: - laptop 15" or bigger - OS windows 7 or 8 - graphic card that supports sl viewer/firestorm - budget £300/£400 I'm in UK, I'd appreciate any concrete advice priced in £, in return, I will throw a few Lindens your way :) Thanks everyone !
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