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  1. Lindal,it s an old gaming place,(in fact ,the owner has three skill gaming regions ),and the players without PIOF are so many,that i need a whole day to report them all.Anyways ,thank you all for the answers..
  2. Rolig,i am not suspecting what i said,i saw them ,and there are more than one people without PIOF ,and they are playing any game they want,including pay to play ones ,they can do anything anyone with PIOF can do....i sent an iM to the owner of the place but nothing happened
  3. Rolig Loon,i know all you said above,my question was:how can someone even TP to a land with gambling on it ,without even have PIOF?You can t teleport to gambling areas without payment,but here they are.How is that possible?was the question ,
  4. HI..I want to ask how can people gamble without having PIOF on their profile? I saw a lot playing No Devil,and just wondering how did they even get there without PIOF?Thanks
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