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  1. I made some jeans and made a seperate round button to go along with it. I copied bone weights and weight painted it. However, when I move the avi, the button seperates outward from the jeans and it does not look attached.. Right now I only have it weighted to the hips. Weightng it to the torso and pelvis made it worse than it is now. What it is the best way to go about this?
  2. Thanks, I found a list of regions here http://aditi.coreqa.net/gridtool.php Some work. I got into Mesh Sandbox 21.
  3. I took the quiz waited 48 hours and it keeps saying "Cannont Connect to Simulator" I do not have a premium account. Is it offline or what?
  4. Thank you Gaia. I will look into this. I thought zero weights would cause a problem because you mentioned somthing like that in your weight painting tutorial. I just wasn't sure how to see the problem in blender. Kudos! Thank you for all of your work in the SL mesh community.
  5. Google is my friend and I use it frequently. In fact, that is how I found this forum. I was only asking the site in which he found his jacket so I wouldn't have to look through 76 million results.
  6. I imported some mesh pants and there is a big hole in the crotch. It looks fine in Blender. I flipped normals and that fixed the pockets that were flipped to the wrong direction. I backside culled and the crotch looks good. No dark patches. Looks like it is facing the right direction. I know this model isnt the prettiest but it should work. The model looks good in world when i have it rezzed on the ground but not when I am wearing it. What am i doing wrong? Also, in the import display window this gash in the crotch shows up as soon as i tic skin weights button. I hope this pic is big enough to see. Thanks for you help
  7. Cool, what sites have free mesh?
  8. OMG Im a bigger noob than i thought. AWESOME Tutorial! I am gonna study this. Thank you so much.
  9. Awesome advice, thank you!.... AGAIN :matte-motes-bashful-cute: I will try it out once I get my patience back.
  10. Thank you much for your time and guidance my friend. You have helped alot
  11. Hope this makes sense. NOt sure if this is how i am supposed to be doing it.. The innerts keep popping through the suface when i weightpaint. I hope this is the wire you meant.
  12. Its hard to see even in a screen shot. Basically it would like I folded the mesh inward up the leg. There is a so called seem at the bottom leg opening where I connected the copied mesh but I left the top part unconnected about 5 rows up along the inside of the pant leg. Is this bad procedure or is it ok ? Weightpainting on this got alot more difficult than the original size I made.
  13. Thanks Rahkis, I thought I was supposed to flipp the inside vertices. Also I only connected the visible parts and left the part you would not see unconnected. For example, I made shorts. At the bottom of the legs I copied about 5 vertices rows up and scaled down but i only connected the bottom loop where your legs come throw. I did not connect the top loop that you would normally not see. Should I have connected them all ?
  14. Should I do all my sizing before I add vertices to the insides of my mesh clothing model. I want to have the top insides of my mesh not look transparent so I copy the top part, scale, then join the two peices together. Now i want to resize this clothing model to fit the standard sizing. I know I have to adjust weighting after this. It seems there are vertices I am not able to weight properly because of the inside vertices. Should i have sized everything first then added the inside vertices? This creation process is getting longer and longer : |
  15. I am wondering the best way to go about getting the created mesh and the new ahape together in Blender. I made the mesh to fit my SL avi. It works great. Now i want to make standard sizing for it I have my standard shapes rigged and weighted in one scene and have my mesh clothing in another. Should I append or import one or the other? I have tried both and it seems when i do this the objects lose their rigging and weights. I would like to import my mesh clothing into the new shape mesh scene. I am using standard shapes so all the wieghts should be basically the same. I assumed that when I imported my created mesh into a new scene that it would keep the charachteristics of the rigging. It does not. Any pointers out there for me?
  16. Rehashing an old subject. I am finally to the resizing stage after going through all the creating aspects. Im wondering what work flow is best for sizing. Should I import a standard shape into my clothing model scene or export my model into a rigged standard size scene i have set up. It seems like i run into problems either way. When i export/import into a scene the model and shape lose there weighting. I guess I'm doing it wrong.
  17. THANK YOU NANCY! I'll try it out.
  18. Hiya, I having a problem setting the model to wireframe and keeping the avitar solid. Im an obvious blender noob. Is there a button i need to press to make them toggle between wire and solid independantly? And, where exactly do i go to set up the composite nodes? I am using Blender 2.64
  19. Rhakis, Thats a great explaination. I think I will have to read it a few more times to wrap my head around it all. Blender has my brain fried atm but I'm sure your post will help me in the long run. Kudos
  20. WOOHOO! It worked thank you thank you. My mesh has tears in them tho lol. I did something wrong. Go figure :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: I think i flipped the norms, recalculated too much and screwed it up. The insides are petruding through the front at the crotch. I'll read up on it. Thanks again to all that helped.
  21. Ms. Clary, Thank you for showing me that drop down box. I totally looked over that one. Also, thank you for all your contributions in the rhealm of creating mesh for SL. Without you I would have given up on this long ago. Cheers
  22. Thank you so much for your knowledge, time, and effort. I think i did scale in object mode ;| I fixed it i think and i will be trying the export and upload again soon... ( crosses fingers) - does the mesh contain all needed weight/vertice groups (corresponding to the main bones)? (see the first tutorial series below to find out which weight/vertice groups are needed, and where problems could appear) By this i think you mean adding vertices groups mleftfoot and mrightfoot... Yep accomplished.
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