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  1. selling full region, must be moved and renamed. tier due 19th July Asking US$300.00 OBO I will pay transfer fee. this is on condition transaction is completed before 19th July if I have to pay another month, sale price will increase by US$295 IM Tyranney Karlfeldt in game
  2. sold SIM FOR SALE - FULL REGION 15,000 PRIMSMonthly Tier date 4th of each month.
  4. what are the dates for the monthly maintaince due and what sort of sims?
  5. This months rent has just been paid for. Hurry for largest benefit of usage.
  6. *** SOLD ****FULL REGION SIM FOR SALE*Full Sim for sale US$500.00Full region sim (65536) sqm 15000 prims - Cost of Island rename and full transfer included in selling price. Sim must be moved. *** SOLD *** Tier Date 19th of each month (next due 19 April) Message Tyranney Karlfeldt if you have any questions Serious buyers please...
  7. what date is the maintanence fees due? is it a full class 5 region eg has 15000 prims on it ?
  8. I think its best if you just put the payment arrangements in the ticket and let LL handle the transfering as its safer for all dont you think?? so you want US$400 for the sim and you paying the US$100 transfer fee and its next due date is 24th of each month? would you allow Estate management on the estate while the ticket is waiting for progress from Linden Labs?
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