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  1. Thanks AGAIN! Dont suppose you could point me in the right direction for the script you mentioned for changing the stream? I REALLY do appreciate your time Lusch Audio (Sorry not Lusch Sound) is in SL. (Not sure who was the best, just wanted to try first. Can look around when Ive sussed all out.) Chris
  2. Thanks Digital Scribe! Now got that sussed. BIG thanks for your help. Now onto finding out how to broadcast musicians live music, and what they charge! Cheers Chris
  3. Hi Jub Jub. MANY thanks for your help. Using LuschSound for stream with Winamp and Shoutcast. I now have the station you recommended playing on my land! Regarding streaming my own music, what is the best way to go about listening to your own stream? Sadly I only have one PC. Am I correct in saying Winamp MUST be open all the time you are streaming? Do I just leave Winamp open as my listening source? I read somewhere that you had to turn off the parcel media as it would use too much bandwidth? And lastly if I may... Do you know the best place for info regarding playing a musicians music through the stream? Im clueless here. I also need to find out what musicians etc charge, but dont know where to start looking for all this info!! Again MANY MANY thanks. At least Im heading in the right direction!! Chris
  4. Thanks for your input. I now have a stream running. Chris
  5. Hi. I wish to set up an entertainment venue but need some help badly! I have the free version of Winamp. Ive installed the plugin, and have a month stream purchased so I can experiment before building my venue. Winamp and stream SEEMS to be working OK. Firstly, how do I set up a stream from say a radio station that plays on my parcel when I am not online? I have tried entering addresses in the music URL field, but am not getting any sound. Have tried searching for info in Knowledge Base, but it all seems outdated. Secondly, and most importantly, could somebody explain the mechanics of how things work when you have say a musician performing at your venue? How does this work? Do you need to enter a different URL in the music URL field? How does the musician broadcast their music? Do you enter thier URL? Ive really no idea on the process here. I'd really appreciate some help here. A couple of years back I built a great venue, but could not find sufficient help to broadcast, and so scrapped the idea..... I sooo want to do this and have some great ideas, but until I can get the help and fully understand how this works I cannot continue. PLEASE help. Im stuck without you! ANY advice greatly appreciated. Regards Chris :manhappy:
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