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  1. When in a checked. Avatar walked, so I hit the Ctrl R, and sure enough he ran all the time. Hit Ctrl R again. Oddly enough the problem seems to have gone away. I shall see how it goes. Thank you.
  2. This happens in most if not all places now. I try moving with arrow keys and letter keys. The avatar just takes off, sometimes flying, and takes off. Keyboard standard corded mouse in use. No spacenavigator.
  3. In most places when I try and move the avatar it will take off on its own to a totally new spot. Sometimes by flying, sometimes just by fast jerky move. It makes in impossible to move the avatar where I want it to.
  4. I can buy things, seems pretty much anywhere, except at the bloodlines. The option to buy is not clickable. How can that be fixed? Thanks.
  5. I am trying to fix the problem of my avatar only being smoke. The suggestion was to switch to a classic avatar and then back to mine. Switch to Classic, but can't figure out how to switch back to mine. Can anyone help with instructions? W.
  6. I get a message saying an issue caused the program to quit working. Why? Wayne
  7. I don't know why I can't access my home. This was given as part of the upgrade to Premium Member? There is also $300 L paid on a regular basis. How can I find out why I can't teleport home? W.
  8. According to the MicroSoft web page, they state: Is the upgrade really free? Yes, it’s free. This is a full version of Windows, not a trial or introductory version. It is available for a limited time: you have one year from the time Windows 10 is available to take advantage of this offer. Indicating you will never be asked to pay for it. Of course, any new computer you purchase will require the purchase of the OS on the machine you purchase. No different than now. I am not sure I am going to rush into the upgrade, there is time to watch, wait and see how it goes. W.
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