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  1. Recently I had to reload all my programs to my computer. SL included, now my media is going off and on constantly. Any suggestions?
  2. How does one open a support case... regarding canceling a account deletion
  3. a friend of mine as recently requested his account be deleted... he has since decided to stay on sl. Can he stop his account from being deleted
  4. A friend received a email from second life, stating that someone is following them....what does this mean? Does anyone have an answer?
  5. I recently tried to make a purchase on market place, and the transaction would not go through, so i tried to order it again....it did not go through then. both items have stayed in my cart and i cant delete them from it, i dont want these items now, please i need some suggestions I am using windows 7, and yes i did do all the possible editing that was required.....no error message was given
  6. HELP ME!!! i have been a user of one of the secondary viewer for 3 yrs, now I am having issues on the slv and slbeta. I cant access profiles or cant change mine. please help me
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