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  1. The clue here, I believe is in the part of the error message that says "...you must create the estate owner account first..." That would indicate to me that you have not first created an avatar account, first. If your running OpenSi9m in Grid Mode, you need to do that in the ROBUST console like so: create user Then enter the avatar first and last name - and other details when prompted After creating a user, you should then be able to create Estates and/or join regions (sims) to them Hope this helps, & good luck with your OpenSimming KingofTheVoid P.S. Hi Amethyst - long time no see x
  2. Hello DMom2K, Perhaps I should explain what I did in slightly more detail. I found a bvh file that *would* import into SL and loaded it into Blender using the import BVH option (it was a walk animation with 31 frames). I then went into pose mode in Blender, selected the hip bone of the imported BVH and exported the BVH to a new file, using the Root Transform Only option and the start and end frame numbers of the animation in the export dialogue.. I then checked that the file size of the imported and exported files differed and imported the newly made BVH file into InWorldz (though should import fine into SL & Opensim too. Hope that helps.
  3. For those of you wishing to use Blender 2.58a to create and edit BVH animations, you'll be pleased to know that the Blender developer Cambell Barton (ideasman42 on Blender IRC) has kindly created a fix to the Blender BVH exporter - to allow BVH animations to be exported in the correct format to then be imported into SL/IW/Opensim. The updated BVH exporter now features a check box to enable "Root Transform Only", along with options to export Euler Native and other arbitrary rotations. You WILL need to check the "Root Transform Only" when exporting BVH's - to be able to import them into SL/IW/Opensim correctly. The updated export_bvh.py and __init__.py files are available from: http://projects.blender.org/scm/viewvc.php?view=rev&root=bf-extensions&revision=2247 These files should replace the existing named files inside the /scripts/addons/io_anim_bvh/ folder. My thanks go to Cambell for putting up with me nagging him incessantly to fix the issue, along with badgering him on IRC and via e-mail :) Please note however, so far the revised exporter files have only been tested by me, briefly and only using Blender 2.58a
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