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  1. ugghhh, I already did that a week ago... My money isnt safe Iff i cant get to it, it needs to be inworld, not on the frickin website...
  2. I know... I did that, i am not stupid you know... I did everything, and still haven't got my money back...
  3. On saturday 14th of may, L$ just dissapeared from my account. the amount was 300L$. people told me to look at my transaction history. I did looked into it and there is no where to be shown where the L$ has been gone to... Then people told me it will probably will be back in a few days, as this is a common problem of SL... untill the day of now, I still haven't got it back... I never used it to pay something, i clicked on my L$ inworld at my L$ tab, and suddenlty the L$ was gone... I did reported a file into the support section, but the SL support seems to be sh*t... and i wan't my money back... WTF is SL doing, stealing my money! I CHECKED MY TRANSACTION HISTORY, I AM NOT STUPID...
  4. My lindens has dissapeared! they told me to look at my transaction history but it doesnt tell me anything! nothing bout the transaction! heres the transaction from the other person for proove: 05/18/2011 13:10:24 00c30827 Destination: Al Tomasso Gift Region: jillsville L$300 L$303 My lindens are gone!!
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