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  1. Hello ^^ So Long story short I made a mistake while trying to buy Linden, I somehow bought money for Avination instead. And because of the change in the TOS there is no way to transfer money between one world to another. So I am looking somebody in Avination that would be willing to trade 10,000 avination for 10,000 Secondlife. please contact Jasper silvershade in secondlife or reply to the fourm
  2. Mesh object - transparent effect?

    Hello, Im still very new to mesh, and when fooling around in blender crafted a simple mesh vial/bottle So my question is, is there a way to give it a transparent effect? or the look of glass?
  3. Someone knows the names of those 2 articles?

    The mask looks like it might be from ContraptioN
  4. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody knows of a roleplay that accepts children/adolescent characters? I'm already a member of a hogwarts roleplay but am wondering if there is others that I can give a try? Medieval, fantasy, city, post apocalypse, zombies and slightly dimmer themed roleplays are some themes I'm currently interested but anything would be helpful. Thanks in advance for any reply's I get.