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  1. I too, have experienced bad lag even on our 1/4 homestead with just me.. it seems to be a problem right across SL and it seems to be getting worse I was wondering if perhaps the breedables are helping cause the lag.. they run a lot of scripts, are primmy and you cant visit any sim without falling over breedable bunnies, horses and cats etc.. Surely that must cause some lag
  2. Nice idea, Vernon, and you may find Linden will be matching or doing something similar. As for me...I will be buying three, one for me and one each for my avis. Japan came to our aid when my state was flooded and then again when the cyclone hit. They sent teams to New Zealand after the Christchurch quake so the least I can do is buy a few cute bears and donater where I can in RL... these people helped us now its time for us to give something back Sighs..... Mother Earth really has it in for the Southern Hemisphere... wonder who the hell annoyed her sooo bad
  3. My graphics card is brand new .. top of the line, the drivers are the latest and I always have my vbo turned off...it minimises the flashes... and it a new computer too... my clouds still have the star shapes... I notice that they do settle down after a while.. so I no longer worry about them. As an aside you can get a really weird effect from them if you flip your cam up and look directly up at them..... looks like you are in a cone or an inverted bowl... Ha ve a sneaky suspicion the high end graphics cards might just see too far into SL
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