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  1. again, many thanks to all who have tried to help. As mentioned in my other posts....This happens when i am wearing nothing but my skin and shape...No AOs, clothing, hair, face lights, huds...nothing worn.
  2. thanks ella and nyll...i will give these a try. i did clear my cache to no avail. I agree, nyll, that i do seems to be rezzing and de-rezzing in these areas. I am still unclear how an issue with MY graphics card would affect how others view me in SL since they see this too. Can a PCs graphic card affect your appearance to everyone else in SL? eva
  3. Again, thanks to everyone who is trying to help me. I continue to look normal when TPing from once place to another upon arrival. But as soon as i move the face/ribcage issues reappears. This happe when i am wearing nothing but my skin and shape...No AOs, clothing, hair, face lights, huds...nothing worn. I have tired various skins and shapes and it happens with those too, so i dont think a new skin is the answer. And again, everyone see the issue...not just me on my PC screen. I do find it interesting that RAine had a graphics card issue that transfered into how others viewed her in SL. I wouldnt think your own card would affect how otheres saw you inworld. I have not made any changes to my card setting however. I will give help island a try. I tried the Emerald viewer and have the same issue when using it. I have not tried an SL reinstall yet...a little scary to me. Moj's issues sound similar to mine. Mick, what is the process to clear texture cache? Thanks sooooooo much everyone! eva
  4. One thing i have just noticed in trying to see causes for this...when i TP into a new area i look fine. It is not until i move that the face and chest area seem to lose some of their resolution. If i sit and stand up i am back to normal. As soon as i move again the same fuzziness appears. The lack of resolution in these areas is slight, but enough for me to notice and for other when i point it out. I know what i am supposed to look like. Do all the SL settings have to do only with what I see or with what others see as well...because others do see this.
  5. as i mentioned in my original post...rebaking does not help not from appearance or the advanced menu
  6. Nyll Thanks for trying to help me. No, i do not use any 3rd party viewer. I just tried you suggestion, but it did not correct the issue thanks for your input! eva
  7. I am having this strange issue with my av.  The area just under my breasts dosent always rez properly...it appear a little fuzzy almost like a black lined rib cage is showing.  It can happen at any time and in any sim. Sometimes it lasts for a few minutes and i go back to normal. Sometimes it doesnt happen at all. Most of the time it will happen, correct itself and then continue to happen and correct itself. Changing sims doesnt fix it. Re Baking doesnt fix it. Changing Skin and Shape doesnt fix it. I took my rendering number down to "1" and that didnt fix it either. There seems to be no telling what makes it happen and what makes me go back to normal. It appears totally random, unrelated to anything i am doing at the time. Other Avs see the same thing I do, so its not an issue with my  graphics card.  If someone would like to help me in SL i have taken pictures of how i look when it is happening and how i should look. It mainly seems to affect the area just below my breasts, but i can also see some problems on my back just above my hips, as well as my face seeming less detailed when its happening. Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas as to what is causing at. Any help would be appreciated.
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