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  1. Bingo! Cleaning out my browser cache did it.... thanks for the heads up. All fixed and able to shop for naughtiness on MP :)
  2. Thought I'd run this one past the knowledgeable ones on the forum, I've filed a ticked - but if I'm missing something and it can be solved without bothering the Lab it'd be great. In the past week or so, every time I search the Marketplace, or change the page, it flicks my chosen maturity rating on the drop down menu back to "General" only. No matter how often I tell it to let me search General, Moderate and Adult it insists on reverting back to general. I've double checked my preferences in world and they're set to GMA... all of my search tabs reflect GMA too. And in world I'm having no issues accessing GMA content - it's just the markeplace that's being difficult. I have payment info on file, have done for years and used it countless times, so certainly LL knows I'm all grown up LOL Any suggestions?
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