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  1. AHH i feel silly now, using the SL Collada-1-11 exported, I unchecked z-90 and it worked. That must have just been an oversight on my part, apologies! I guess you can call this issue resolved
  2. Hmm, alright, thanks And yes I've been using that too, I'd be happy to send it to you
  3. - was a silly error on my part! - Hello, when I try to export meshes from version 2.49b it fails and I get the whole python error check console etc. When I export from 2.6, the left arm of the mesh is fine, but the rest is screwed, this is slightly improved by the SL exporter addon, though not entirely. The thing is, it's only happeneing to certain models, and I have absolutely no idea what I am doing wrong. I was working on a dress, it was fine, then I work on it some more and suddenly it will not export. Same goes for another. If anyone could help me, maybe take a look at the files? I'd appreciate it a lot, I'm really stuck here!. If you would be so kind, please ignore the modelling xD I'm just kind of finding my feet so I don't really know how to model efficiently yet, but I'm trying :) Though if you see something painfully wrong, tips are appreciated ! - Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm talking rigged meshes here, I've not encountered a problem with static meshes thus far.
  4. Wow, I completely forgot that I made this as I abandoned viewer 3. I probably shouldn't bump this but I don't want to make a new topic over it. I've done all my system updates, downloaded the latest viewer 3 and it still doesn't work. I think that it opens and instantly doesn't respond. I have to force it to quit. I've made some mesh items that I want to test on the beta grid, and the option to upload on that grid on Firestorm isn't available, just the main grid, so i figure viewer 3 is the only one.
  5. Hello, i apologise if this issue has been raised/answered before, but I just had to ask! I am using Mac OS X (not lion, as far as I know - i'm not at all computer savvy- lol! I haven't done any software updates :matte-motes-bashful-cute:) and whenever I try to open 3.0 or 3.02/3.0.2 (I forgot how exactly it's called) there is just white. Nothing else appears. When I move the mouse around the cursor changes, and by pressing enter randomly it updated so I believe that everything is actually there, but I just cannot see it. It worked once and that was it! All the other official viewers work for me, just not this one, and I really, really want to try mesh! haha. If anyone knows what's going on, well, thank you :D -if it helps, the version is Mac OS X 10.6.6-
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