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  1. hmm maybe its that but i have no idea how to rectify this , strange thing it happens with hippo and phoenix all viewers i have had for a time , and the new sl 2 viewer was on sl 2 when it first happened
  2. Suddenly i have no music in sweethearts club and have music everywhere else tried two diffrent viewers and 2 av's with no success ..and tried toggling till my fingers fell off :( any ideas out there cos i love going to sweethearts?
  3. Thank You Minerva, i had a feeeling this was the next step but am always reticent to file a abuse report , i suppose strictly speaking its abuse even if the object was placed in the next area ages before he bougth the land .. its a shady one but i cant see any other options myself .. Any other thoughts from anyone before I close this as answered ? ......
  4. Hi My freind has just  purchased a parcel of land and there is a item sticking out and over from next  parcel over, the return item function will not light and a IM and notecard  has failed to get any response so far  .. What can be done as a next move?
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