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  1. In my experience, with my female friends, if they go out looking for male dancers, is to have a laugh at them. They would pay to hear the gesturing and laugh at the creativity. And yes, I've been there, forced into a female av, so they can have fun at me, I don't mind as long as they have their fun. But, tho they go looking for male dancers, they have never expressed an interest on doing the same with a male escort. As they say, they have "been there, done that" and revisited. On the other hand, I have to be careful not to be too friendly to some as to avoid being "offered" to pay for my things. I'm a friendly guy, I'm happy with my RL and I come to SL to build, to talk to friends and to help at a friend's business. So, finally going to what's on the topic.... this women have a fine tuned radar for bs. They hate it with a passion, they can see the sex question miles away before it happens and they are ready to maul whoever dares to ask for it. They love sex (with someone significant), they just hate the bs. Main complaint they have is a male av looking cheap, and it doesn't have anything to do with how much a guy spent on their looks. The oily, pumped bodies of the dancers, the long hairs, doesn't matter how expensive, looks cheap to them and they are happy to laugh at those. As some have already pointed, a girl can have sex for free whenever she wants if she looks for it, not hard. But this I've seen, if a guy is nice, have a regular looking av, likes to talk and sometimes go around exploring, you'll be offered things you never asked for, financially speaking. In other words, the boyfriend act, the feeling of having someone actually care for them, even if it's just to ask how their day was. But this doesn't work if they feel its fake. Tho, some do love to play if it's agreed in advance, but for that they have the rping games, also for free. I don't see how a male escort can provide that feeling of trust and being the "only woman" for a fee. Or maybe you can offer it but the word itself (escort) is playing against you.
  2. Thanks so much, this helped (finally). This was the first thread I found about the issue, so thanks for the mention of the original.
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