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  1. Long time ago i had to stop playing game for a while and when i returned i was told that my name was no longer active. Then a few days later i was told by a member of the Linden team that i could get my name back and all my belongings provided i brought my account current. Well i has spent thousands on that account and the fee to re-establish the account worked great for me because at this point i would be able to recover all of the items i had gathered to build out my sims that i had at that time. I had been a long standing player of this game and took my work very serious. Well i was able to access my account easily but seems when it came to gettin my items back the team got lazy on me. Is there a formula or a fee or something i can pay to someone in linden lab to get my items back that are sitting in our archives? Please help! i spent so much money it would be a shame to let all of it go
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