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  1. I agree with Joshua, you don't need a follower script. You can just wear your follower and edit it so that it follows a short way behind you. The only caveat would be ensuring you attach it to the right point . I'd suggest the spine. Re-reading your post, it seems as though you want to be able to wear it on any attachment and have a script automatically put it in the right postion. I don't know if it's possible. I do wonder whether something like Puppeteer would work though. Probably not but there's a free version you could use to try.
  2. It's the holiday period, they're probably busy with loved ones, surrounded by washing up or nursing a hang over. The landlord will come on eventually and they should refund the rent when the land wasn't usable or give some free days rent for next time.
  3. Is your avatar trapped in world? This happened to me a few weeks ago and it seems to be happening to a few other people too all of a sudden judging by the forums. If you were on mainland and you have a premium account, contact live support and see if they'll reboot the sim you were on. That will force your avatar offline for you to log in. Or, if you don't, ask a friend with a premium account to do it for you. Failing that, submit a ticket to LL. If you were on a private island/sim, they usually reboot their sims all the time. Chances are you can probably log in now. If not, ask a friend to contact the estate owner and ask them to reboot.
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