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  1. Bump for the Weekend Crew............. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  2. 3.1"You may not transfer or assign your Account and its contractual rights, licenses and obligations, to any third party without the prior written consent of Linden Lab." Did you miss the ability to do so WITH written consent? Does text chatting with a live operator NOT constitute written consent?? Does an email confirming the details NOT also constitute written consent??? If you have NO IDEA what you are talking about then you are NOT QUALIFIED to say I cannot possibly have done...."whatever". I cannot see why this is such a big problem for people who are NOT interested in taking part in this....... I see no risk to you, your rl or your sl if I simply want to provied a pre prepared avatar for someone else to "drive". As already stated, details can be discusssed direct with me if you are interested. Please reply if you are interested in joining our family, please with all due respect keep your negative comments to yourself if you do not wish to take part.
  3. Another Bump for anyone that may fit the following criteria: *Has experience rping a child avatar in a family environment in SL but who's avatar/s are now currentlently being used for other purposes. *Has wanted to rp a child avatar within a family setting but has neither the desire to make a new avatar or the monetary (should that be lindenary?) resources to do so. *May think this is whacky enough to be fun. *May be looking for a slightly madcap Mum, a definately dithering Dad, and some often strife-torn siblings to call their own. *Wants to know what sort of strife-torn siblings............. *Is not afraid to be a little out there and try something new. For those who are still concerned........ NO we are not selling the avatar to you....... NO we are not confering or transfering any contractual obligations or rights under the LL TOS......... NO I'm not afraid of the security risks to myself......... NO we dont want anything seedy or illegal or twisted...... NO I dont want to hear from whackos or detractors.........There are LOTS of yes's.......... family rp, school if appropriate, bed times, an allowance perhaps, affection and kindness.......MORE. We just want someone to come play our daughter. Her name is Arkie (full name withheld for obvious reasons). She has black hair just like her Mum and Dad. She has green eyes like her Mum. She is 5 years old. She has a child's shape, a child's ao, and a number of child skins. She has a small wardrobe of clothing which I hope to add to once the person who takes her over makes me aware of tastes etc. Please feel free to IM me in world for more info.
  4. We are not transfering ownership of the avatar, nor am I assigning any rights or responsibilities attached to the account, I am simply allowing the use of it. I did check this with LL first and as I am the "owner" of the account that the avi represents, I can "allow" anyone to play it that I wish. Our potential "adoptee" will NOT be in contravention of the TOS at all. Any security risk that this puts ME in, is totally up to ME. Sheesh people, I'm not launching a terrorist attack, I'm not trying to hack or circumvent any security issues, I'm not trying to put anyone in any sort of compromising position. I simply HAVE an avatar already set up (and she is awfully cute!) and am looking for someone who would like to be a part of my sl family and might be interested in "borrowing" an existing avatar wether they already have a child avatar of their own or not. I am an experienced Mother both RL and SL and can guarantee a lot of fun, affection, and interest for our new member. If you are NOT a hater, detractor, gainsayer, or any other negative nelly............ please feel free to IM me in world. Even if we are not the "perfect fit" we both may still gain a friend.
  5. I dont want to "sell" the avi........ just give control over to someone who will rp our daughter........... she is already set up with skin, shape, hair, ao, clothes etc....... just need someone to drive her indeed......... and no........... NOT a real 5 year old....... seriously sheesh
  6. Ok so...... we have decided to take the plunge and adopt. Here's the thing. We already have an avatar set up as a 5 year old girl. So we are looking to adopt a PERSON not an AVATAR, so in world adoption agencies are not really suitable for us. Our family contains a loving Husband and Wife who own many businesses in sl including a nightclub, job agencies and appartment rentals. It also comes with an older sister and brother who are adults in sl with their own children. The adult children are also vampires, but myself and my husband are not. It may sound as if we are too busy for a child, and we are busy, but a lot of our time is spent just being together, we both also have time when the other is not online that could be spent with a child, although more myself than my husband. The details: Mommy: is an Aussie girl so online in the early am and later pm sl time. Daddy: is completely suspicious of the child thing but has been "adopted" by another sweet lil girl as her uncle and he dotes on her. He lives in Canada and is on exactly opposite time zones to me so we spend the early am sltime together before he heads for rl work, and the later pm slt together before he heads to bed. As a couple we often dissagree, laugh and never fight about it. A true and genuine friendship has grown between us. We often make the other kids and adults say awwwww and make puking noises. And both of us have a great sense of humor. Big Sister: A vampire Queen. Totally devoted to her Mommy (me) but quite able to live her own separate life. We speak every day and have a couple of projects underway together. She is also my personal assistant in world. A total diva at times, she dj's, sometimes dances, hosts, and runs around making sure I keep all my appointments. Big Brother: A vampire Knight. Totally devoted to his sister who is also his real life sister. Online less often than his sister, he is still on every day. He loves children and shares a castle with his sister where they breed fairies and horses. Little Sister in Waiting: She has black hair and green eyes like her mommy and has the sweetest little face. She is five years old. She comes with a small wardrobe that definately needs to be expanded by me lol. She has a child shape and ao. We dont have a "house" as such in SL. Will you be the reason we put one up? Want more details? You can contact me direct in sl via im or notecard.if this sounds like a good fit for you.
  7. Elaara Wylder

    Laggy Land

    You could at least try a restart of the region. This can be done via live help. If this doesnt work then your only option may be to buy elsewhere.
  8. I know how to subdivide parcels on the ground, but I want to be able to give skyboxes their own "plot" with associated powers such as media settings etc for tennants. Would appreciate any advice.
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