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  1. Grid status page has now been updated. Unscheduled Maintenance going on
  2. Yeah, not so bad knowing that the fault is on SL side and not ours
  3. Maybe we are on a server with a problem where others are on oines that are fine
  4. Grid status page has no problems on it but getting in
  5. Yes. I'm getting it tonight on different accounts and different clients. Have tried logging into many locations but no joy.
  6. Thanks folks, tried all the usual tricks but no joy. Oh well it's nearly 3am here so I will head to bed and try again tomorrow
  7. Looks like I got lucky then, oh well these things happen I guess
  8. Thanks Kylie, that's a little more comforting :matte-motes-big-grin:
  9. Thanks for the reply, It's the worst weekend i have known for lag in years, which makes me think it is at my end.
  10. Haven't been inworld all week until tonight and after trying several different viewers and various settings I have to say I haven't experienced as much lag in SL for many a year. Speedtest and ping test seem fine when I run them so my question is, has anybody else had as much trouble today or is it just me?
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