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  1. The first thing I do immediately after a purchase, is put the date on the item and a small description, then put the item into its correct folder. When I do a search for a particular item, it is a bit easier to locate in my inventory. I Keep many folders for example, my "clothing outfits" folder has many sub-folders like "Hats/coats/accessories"; Costumes"; Evening Wear", etc. All my homes go into a folder and I have a sub-folder listed "furnishings." In this folder I have folders that list each room, i.e. bathroom, living room, bedroom. I also keep a notecard listing my favorite clothing Items with sub-titles like: Vintage, Shoes, Pantsuits, Swimwear, Gowns, etc. I list hair, shoes and other accessories that go well with these outfits. Hope this is a bit helpful :-). Unfortunately now I'm in the process of cleaning out my landmarks - so many places have gone out of business.
  2. Can I send/receive IM's from my dashboard?
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