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  1. I know, i got it... thanks heaps!! I had totally forgotten about that!!! LoL
  2. OMG! Thanks! I looked at one of the links you put and realised i was the silly one!! Thanks a bunch!!
  3. Hey guys, Ok... this may take a few to explain.... Alright, i have creted a group, and in my group theres the everyone role, the officers role, and the owner role. Ok, now i am subletting my land ant want to assign a 2nd 'everyone' role which i have created and named. I wanted this second role within the group so the renters title will be 'renters' and not that that i have assigned to 'everyone. Ok, when i put these renters into the new role, they still take on the AV title of the 'everyone'. I have changed the title in the 'renters' and still no luck... Anyone can help?
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