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  1. Thanx for the reply. I had a feeling that was what happened.I'm not the only one in the froup but I am the owner. I just need to change Receive group dividends and Pay group liabilities. Thanx!
  2. Hi, I have some land deeded to a group that I want to sell. One lot is 2560 sqm and the other is 6720 sqm for a total of 9370. Not exactly sure how but my tier was $40USD/Month (8192 sqm). I am guessing its minus the 10% group land bonus and the 512 sqm premimum bonus. So in preparing to sell these two lots, I wanted to remove my group land contributions and set forsale to myself for $1. So I thought! Seems now by doing this removes some bonus and when I try to buy the land I get placed in the USD 75.00/ month 16,384 sqm range. So its going to cost me to sell my land this way unless I'm doi
  3. yeah but why? Thats like starting a business andapplying for incorporation then getting told you have 2 or 3 days to get a board of dorectors etc...or it becomes void....there are single person corperations oO This time limit is BS IMO
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