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  1. Thanks!.. That was the problem exactly. And the link you provided clearly gave me the solution. I really thank you for your clear helpful answer. You saved me so much trouble.
  2. On my Viewer 3, certain windows do not show any content. The window opens but nothing is in it. This is not true of "Notecards" or "Chat windows" but is true of "Profiles", "TOS, "help settings", the "Search" function, and perhaps others. This has gone on for almost a week. I have checked and installed a new "driver" since, I have re-started my computer, and no improvement. Ronald Schmid
  3. Thank you for your answers. Both helped a little. I figured out though, that an Antivirus Program (AVG) was blocking cookies. I removed that, AND made a Hard Reboot of the system, and the new SL Viewer Did successfully download, and now I am as happy as a clam. Thanks for the quick responses. Although they didn't explicitly uncover the problem, they did direct me in the right direction.
  4. I tried to install the newest LL Viewer today. It got almost done and stopped with a message like: "C\Programfiles (x86) SecondLifeViewer\llplugin\imageformats" ..will not load. I cant "retry" nor "sip that file". I am running Windows 7 PC with an NVIDIa graphics card, and everything worked flawlessly in the past. I did clear cashe before trying a clean install. Right now I can not load the new LL Viewer update, and have no LL Viewer
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