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  1. I was charged about 6-7 times for a product listing all at the same time - even when I only needed it listed for one span of time to see if it would actually help the product in sales - not get charged 6 times for something I only needed once. :T Would love to have a way to resolve this and get my L back; it drained me dry for 4K+ for no reason.
  2. Ok - Issued fixed, now things won't load fully even on high graphics - when I can clearly take it... Is it just the loading time, or what's up with this?
  3. I've had issues ever since clearing my cache recently - the game won't go further than 1 frame-per-second, textures won't load on certain viewers like firestorm, and futher clearing or lowering graphics as well as turning the network bandwidth won't help. What's going on here? Can anyone help?
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