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  1. I have had this same issue (I use Firestorm). If I accept a request that was sent to me when I'm offline, I can see them on my list and then as soon as I log and come back, they no longer appear. If both parties are online, it seems to work. I'm not sure if it has always been this way (I don't think so).
  2. Hi all, my name is Mackenzie Drascol and I'm back in-world after a 4 year hiatus. Most of my friends have moved on and I'm looking for some new people to spend time with! I can usually be found wandering aimlessly, shopping, or hanging out on my land. I also love live music! I'm not interested in a relationship in SL, just looking for friends to explore new areas, hang out with, shop, etc. If you're interested, send me a notecard with a little bit about yourself. Sometimes my IMs don't come through so this way I will get your note and then I'll be in touch. Hope to talk soon!
  3. Hi! I'd be happy to show you around. I've been in-world on and off since 2005. I'm unable to locate your profile though. Can you send me a message (Mackenzie Drascol)?
  4. Thank you tako, I am on my way to read that! Much appreciated.
  5. Thank you Pixieplumb, I had not thought of that!
  6. Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone can give me the dummies guide (or point me to it) for MESH in Second Life. I'm an oldbie. Been in world since 2005, current AV is born in 2009 and took 4 years off recently and now I'm back. Mesh confuses the heck out of me and I'm about to give up. Specifically, I bought the fancy feet (mesh) and a proper pair of shoes (made sure they were compatible) but if I'm wearing mesh pants, the mesh layer of the shoes makes my leg skin show. I would be happy to meet you in-world to show you what I mean. Is there a guide for how to dress with mesh? I'm so confused.
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