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  1. One of the other variations from my project (a spruce). Height: 13.250m PE: 200 Something I noticed when I imported the original two is that double-sided textures aren't an option, which kind of sucks. Unless I'm missing something?
  2. Unfortunately it is. It's their software, and we've got to agree to their terms to be able to license and use the software. However. I thought I'd have a go at importing an old ST model I had produced and used within a UDK project from my final year. Considerably lower poly count. The height of the mesh is about 12m, and the PE is 123 prims. Hellova lot less than 1906 and 2329. It's still a high number considering it is one object, but the trunk has a lot of unnecessary polys, so that could conceivably be reduced even further. However, as I didn't have much of a problem with 100+ instances of these, including 3 other tree types that each had 4 variations, in a scene in the UDK, I didn't see any reason to do so at the time. Oh how mistaken I was! :matte-motes-shocked: Same location, the two original trees have been removed.
  3. @Constance: Yea, those trees are far from anything that can be called representative of what you can produce within Speedtree. But it was purely for the purpose of testing it. The PE is stupendously high, yea, but that's only because of the latter. @Ishtara: Infortunately, I agree with Constance on the grounds of the license agreement with IDV. They're pretty damn strict over what the content can be used within and the circumstances therein. However, it seems to be very muddy, as what is to stop myself or anyone else, from producing any sort of tree, fauna, vegetation, etc., exporting it into Max/Maya/ZB and building ontop of the base mesh. Hypothetically ofcourse, as I, obviously, do not want anybody hounding me through legal channels. Speedtree trees do stand out, as they are visually and accurately much better than what most modellers can produce themselves. It could be used as a reference point though. Create what ever content you desire within ST, then reproduce it within your package of preference, akin to what some do by following and learning from the topology of someone elses mesh flow.
  4. So I thought I'd have a go at importing some Speedtree meshes onto the beta grid, to see how they'd be handled and whether it'd be a useful path in the future. These trees haven't been optimised, so the poly count on each one is pretty silly. But they load pretty damn quickly, and have had no problems setting them up. Mesh Sandbox - SLurl Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4
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