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  1. Judge for your self....“Our users are starting to understand that VR is a different medium and they may need to approach it differently than they have in the past [for performance and experiences],” he said. “We’ll do a lot of things to help users understand how to create performant content. There’s a lot of work yet to do, but we have plans for things like automatic optimization of content, polygon reduction of content that preserves quality at the same time, including showing users that create content some sort of visual indication of how performant their content is going to be across various platforms… I’ve already see stuff in Sansar that I know you’d never see in SL.” in other words,once LL gets VR working,forget the old SL..and we will all have to move there..
  2. I do not expect forgivness Summer,I have not earened that..I said some harsh and cruel things and for that I am truly sorry..as for tracking you down,as we live sort of localy I just wanted to meet you and explain myself to you,for as you know there is much for me to explain.
  3. Has LL gone mad? I no longer get the choice of where I buy my lindens? I have only ever once used lindex,and I got ripped off,ever since i have used DX,over the years i have paid over £8000,no mean figure..where do I go now to buy lindens so that I can pay the tiers for my land? Time to migrate I think,Inworldz looks very appealing at the moment
  4. There is no ONE shan ampan,shan ampan is a mixture of my self and when i am not well enough to get to my kb and type,my brother,richie.. over time i have upset and hurt people,i apologize for this i do hope that over the years i have helped new people into this wonderful world we call second life and second life is exactly what it says...a second life,a new chance.. a path that people can walk down safely i have met such wonderful people here,and some not so nice! but i love you all,good and bad there will allways be a shan ampan thank you for listening to me
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