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  2. 3584 sq m plot that is all water for 10,000 L http://slurl.com/secondlife/Olaf/242/139/21 384 sq m plot this is all water for 1,000 L http://slurl.com/secondlife/Olaf/242/249/21 2624 sq m plot that is land and water for 8,200 L Also to the buyer gose 256 sq m and 192 sq m for no extra cost http://slurl.com/secondlife/Olaf/75/247/21
  3. i been filing ARs on this daily since wednday 9/26/2011 and LL hasnt done anything. Still notecarding and IMing the owner and still no response. i need help badly im so sick and tried of a stuck up owner of the prim and LL keeping there heads up there butts
  4. Wish some1 would get that bloody prim removed. LL got the head up the butts again. Dont want to wait months again for LL to pull there heads out of there butts and remove it. Im desperate for help. My sick leave end soon and i want to get my build done. If any1 knows Haisy Halasy or Mad Clip in SL please get a message to them to remove the clear prim {FLOOR} in Bjorn 148,134,21 :matte-motes-crying::matte-motes-crying::matte-motes-crying::matte-motes-crying::matte-motes-crying:
  5. wish it was that easy. that 512 part of my beach and amusement park area. it the key to getting them connected. been wanting to do that for over a yr and final got the pc i wanted
  6. I have been asking the group other main person and he dont answer either. I do file the abuse report right but it dont do any good. It takes months.
  7. I got a mega prim in my land from another plot, I having Notecarded and IMed the owener { Haisy Halasy } of the object{Floor}. I cant delete it at all. It covers a 1024 (hers) and my 512 section. Even filed a AR , lot of good that dose. 9 weeks to get the last prim abuse taken care of by them. Im trying to finish a build while Im sick leave and it came to a crashing halt becuase of that prim. Bjorn 148,134,21 . She even the owner of a rental group and she hasnt been on in over 3 days. When ppl use mega prims they should respect other ppl land. I do. When you cant respect in SL then you dont in RL either.
  8. when i file ARs i just state the facts and nothing else and the location and use the AR to take a pic. how can that be wrong. on the the cube is nothing but facts noting else. i would like LL , the land owner or the object owner to get it gone. Cant seeing LL doing anything but keeping there heads in there butts. Only put the cubes as stop gaps there after 6 weeks of going through every channel i know and here on the 8th week. But all im getting here smarty pants remarks nothing helpfull on getting the object gone.
  9. those prims r there as a stop gap to keep more stuff from being built becuase the land owner that dont care enough to put on the auto return or no build. If the land owner would go to the land and set the auto return on or set it no build it would fix this. I have filed a report over 3 weeks ago and just stated the facts and they told me to file a abuse report. All this proving to me about LL is they got there heads so far up the rears they cant see problem(s) and all they care about is making money. As for derender i cant. I use SL version 1.23 becuase the new SL version crashes my comp so hard i have to reload the OS and all the programs.
  10. For over 8 weeks at Olaf 95,141,20 I have had this poking into my land Palm Coast Roof 2 . I have IM amd Notecarded the item owner and also IM and notedcard the land owner with no affect There has been over 40 abuse reports filed. 3 Lindens have been sent a notecard and no reply. Live chat says they cant do anything. I have been trying everything i can think of to get rid of this{Palm Coast Roof 2] I cant delete the item either, over 90 % of it in the other land. This has been a pure nightmare for me.
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