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  1. Ok so awhile back i had land and a big shop with a bunch of vendors in it. Well I couldnt get on for a couple weeks and all my obects got returned in one big object. I can't find anywhere i can rez it.. and it has alot of stuff i need in it. I get this message. "Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region" Says it anywhere i try to rez.. Ive went to a couple sandboxs and nothing.. even went to torley lindens Sandboxs and still got the message.. It's not many prims at all. i Don't know what to do. Also the object levease my inventory for 5 seconds then returns and se
  2. ok so about buying land i know it costs 1000$ setup fee and 295$ a month.. What if I want muliple sims do I have to pay 1000$ setup fee on each land also about homesteads how do people make a profit when they buy the land for 125$ aq month and rent it out for 128$ a month.. I dont understand seems pointless for only 3$ profit per month.. If theres anything else i should know please tell me.. anything about land and renting it out.. I have money but i want to research it out first before i do anything.
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