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    Just a quick and dirty skinning job on a mouth to show people that haven't animated heads before, what a huge deal being able to translate bones really is.


    This is with transform allowed:



    And same efforts with only rotations


    or maybe this: http://i.imgur.com/hppKB21.gif  :smileyvery-happy:



    I'm happy we are getting this update . Will be nice to animate hands properly.

    edit: We already have a foot bone. Thats cool.


    Will hopefully. experiment a bit in world with bento during the weekend


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  2. And here I was so excited for this announcement.


    So we have the facial bones parented under mHead and mJaw. And we can just rotate our bones. No translation?

    So we are gonna rotate our jaws open and then do lip snarls all day? No proper smiles by translating the corner of the lip bones etc etc etc etc etc.


    Please rethink this.

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  3. Hey,


    1.You can change the proportions of the skeleton. Just Can't add new bones, yet.

    2.No, the bones have the same name as the default SL ones so it works fine. Yesterday as a test I made a rig with freakishly long arms and short legs and it worked fine.

    3.Load the fbxmaya.mll plugin and youll be able to export dae files. Probably a better option is exporting it as a fbx and then convert it with autodesk fbx 2011. (Maya 2012's collada is based on a later version than SL's)

  4. I'll start by saying Its never too late to learn.

    Start with simple things and just get comfortable with your 3D app. Have patience and don't expect to learn it all in a few hours. Put a bit of hard work and it should pay off. There seems to be a lot of people that have learnt to model just because they wanted to make stuff for SL and they're doing fine.

    Blender is free and a lot of people use it for SL, maybe you should give it a try?


    Gaia Clary has posted a lot of mesh different tutorials that I've heard good things about. Maybe follow along some of them.



    Oh yeah, Don't forget to use the beta/preview grid (aditi) for your uploads to save money.



  5. window > settings/preference > settings.

    select settings from the list. World coordinate system: youll want to set it to z and then save.


    In perspective view: panels> perspective > new

    The model/rig should be facing the right direction after that.


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