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  1. There doesn't happen to be any bento user group meeting logs? (Like for the old mesh beta)
  2. I use maya and not switching either. That being said I'd pay (resonable amount) for a compatible .anim exporter plugin OR avastar if it gets a nice quick and easy import and export.
  3. Just a quick and dirty skinning job on a mouth to show people that haven't animated heads before, what a huge deal being able to translate bones really is. This is with transform allowed: http://i.imgur.com/4KsURoJ.gif And same efforts with only rotations http://i.imgur.com/N3Sd1df.gif or maybe this: http://i.imgur.com/hppKB21.gif :smileyvery-happy: I'm happy we are getting this update . Will be nice to animate hands properly. edit: We already have a foot bone. Thats cool. Will hopefully. experiment a bit in world with bento during the weekend Thanks!
  4. It won't affect the old content. Just adds more options for new creations.
  5. And here I was so excited for this announcement. So we have the facial bones parented under mHead and mJaw. And we can just rotate our bones. No translation? So we are gonna rotate our jaws open and then do lip snarls all day? No proper smiles by translating the corner of the lip bones etc etc etc etc etc. Please rethink this.
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