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  1. Hello All, I'm sure this is a dumb question but I am new to fashion blogging and just got my first sponsor and first event to cover. Yay! I'm just wondering when you are invited to cover an event, do you generally get early access and do you pay for all your own stuff always? Any help is appreciated. Thanks:D
  2. Mall space available at Soul Expression. We have MM boards that we spam and change regularly. We will hold 7 Seas Fishing contests regularly in the mall area, and there is a Casino next door. Rental boxes are next to stores as follows: 30 prims - 99L 50 prims - 150L 100 prims - 300L 150 prims - 420 200 prims - 580 IM Agata Cale or Ginger Fanshaw for a vender tag to rezz your products and pay the rental box. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Soul%20Explosion/193/147/31
  3. 1/4 SIM - 3750 PRIMS - COMERCIAL OR RESIDENTIAL 4950L WEEK Beach - grass- whatever you like Right click on Land to buy and IM Agata Cale or Ginger Fanshaw for help. See in world: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soul%20Explosion/2/249/27
  4. Hello, please message or notecard me InWorld if you can make a custom sculpt for me. I believe this will be a simple project. Ginger Fanshaw
  5. Reliable person wanted to assist GM and owner in managing The Discipline Society club. We're a growing, friendly place that welcomes all people including those in the BDSM lifestyle. This is a Mature Sim so no nudity or escorting. Duties include helping with schedule, obtaining event sponsors and store rentals, and attending events and assisting staff when other manager or owner can not. Someone who can be available in SL a reasonable amount of the time and comes with no drama is needed. This is a salaried position. Contact Nene Chrome (GM) or AdonisHastings.Resident (Owner) inWorld if interested.
  6. I think it's a great idea and will implement myself.
  7. Please send me an invite:matte-motes-big-grin:
  8. 4/10 Living Large Raffle start at 6pm slt till midnight slt. ..Win prizes worth over 70k with an original home made by softea herself. a mega 50k shopping spree at X-Clusives animation and more All Money gos to relay for life raffle cost ..100L for one try 4 trys for 200L Will have tons of rides and fun at the amusment park. Hear 3 of the best djs on the grid with DJ Gonecrazy74 , DJ Ginger and Live mixing DJ Scorpio ... http://slurl.com/secondlife/Southern%20Sons/199/42/3002
  9. "What Love Creates" is a Valentine Themed Hunt going on across the grid from Feb. 1 - Feb 14. Ginger's Outdoor Furnishings & Pre-Fabs is one of many quality venders participating by hiding a gift somewhere in the store. For Information, HINTS, and group joiner for this hunt, click on the sign by my MM board. There is a great, FREE gift hidden somewhere at Ginger's waiting for you! Come get it and get the Landmark for the next store inside. Copy & Paste this slurl into local in-world to tp: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Garden%20Isle/102/212/25
  10. WHAT: HUGE KICK ASS EVENT WHERE: Caged Secrets Club (Adult) WHEN: Thursday, Jan 5, 8-10 pm SLT DJ/HOST: DJ Ginger, Host AmberRose Honey THEME: Come As You Are CASH: 3K split PRIZES FROM SPONSORS: Wyndmaster Productions - BDSM/VAMP/GROUP Sex Rug w/ 820+Xpose Animations (5k value!)Soulmates Creations - Furnished Cabin (value 5k, special promotion for 299L atm) Waterfalls Homes - Gift Card for home purchase Tink Tattoos & Fashion gift card - 1 Free Item of your choice Ginger's Outdoor Store & Prefabs - 500L to spend in my store - Lighting Gift from Namssab1nad Piers DJ Mich Bitch Skins for WomenWHY SHOULD YOU COME? Big Money Prize, Great Gifts, Hot Tunes, FUN Club! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Biche/56/34/3055 
  11. Sponsor a prize or prizes for an event at Caged Secrets and we will:  Put a Landmark Giver out,DJ will advertise your store during the eventWe will mention you in event notices and online postingsEveryone attending could get a small goodie bag with your notecard, landmark or you could do a big prize, 3 prizes, whatever. A win-win for both! We're a BDSM theme club so a good audience for Adult items, but any type of product is fine. Please IM Ginger Fanshaw if intersted. Thanks! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Biche/53/41/3058
  12. Caged Secrets, a fun, easy going, club with a BDSM/prison theme, is looking for dancers. 80% Tips. No applications, just IM Lex Salvadori or Sinder Abonwood for an audition. Must be age verified - Adult land - and be at least 30 days old. Click here to tp and see the club: Caged Secrets Club
  13. Commercial/Residential Sim. Corner lot , Oceanfront available for rent - location next to my main store and mall. Great spot for your shop to benefit from mall traffic or use it for your residential home. Lovely tropical setting. 4096 sqm, 937 prims, 1500L weekly. If interested, pay rent box and IM Ginger Fanshaw for assistance. * Must keep tropical. No breedable animals, no clubs, and please avoid excessive scripts that may cause lag. Click to TP to Land Now
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