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  1. after putting items in your cart you will find on most nonfree items the option to gift the items I wish I could gift freebies as well, I love finding and sending items to people.
  2. Given this gray area of what is "mature" and "legal" or "Illegal" or "Imoral" this is not going to be settled. but if I may. 1) Pornography is always considered a VISUAL Media: print, photos, drawings, etc 2) Most places count Child Porn/Pornography as illegal, even Japan has anti-childporn laws despite the drawn lolita art. (lets not get into this) 3) Depictions of violence such as movies, drawings, etc is not illegal. Photos of RL Violence is (most likely) illegal if not used in news/education/etc. 4) Depictions of Beastiality is subject to local laws but most do not count drawn or a
  3. Especially if lots of the residents are like the nut I muted on 40 account. 40 accounts when I read limit of 5
  4. and most of gor has teh GM/GLM with a name over your flipping head and fliptitles especially the multilined ones works wonders if not using hte GM/GLM tags
  5. Or get a RP chatter/ RP tool won't change your account name but it lets Billy Bob to do this (Billy bob type out this "/2 Tal how fares you?" and it comes out Gor Master: Tal how fares you?
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