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  1. he community ' VE- SOCCER.COM developed one year ago is growing ... For this reason we seek to expand our staff with professionals . Currently looking for: REFEREE: We have academy for referee ..we need 5 REFEREE without experience too (We will do a free training course) DAY OF WORK: 1 DAY EVERY WEEK for 1 hour RADIO : Let radio that provide space on a weekly program dedicated to the system ( INTERVIEWS , report cards , RESULTS , ETC . ) MANAGER ACADEMIES : The figure must be very professional because ' will cure ' the heart of the system itself : " The entry of new people to the world of football " The tasks will be: Propose around the land of rez . a mini gazebo , an event (organized by us) or simply a billboard inherent in the system .. FIGURE SOUGHT : 2 PAYMENT: We ' made a payment every week to every manager .. information contact Saverio Didero
  2. Unscheduled Maintenance Posted by Status Desk on October 11th, 2013 at 05:27 pm PDT [postED 5:28 PM PST, 10 October 2013] We are currently performing unscheduled maintenance. During this time, some residents may be logged off and will be temporarily unable to log in, or experience inventory loading issues. This maintenance may also disrupt transactions, logins, or attempts to access some regions. Please refrain from transacting with L$ or rezzing valuable (no-copy) items until the all-clear is given. Please check back here for updates. http://status.secondlifegrid.net/
  3. TOURNAMENT RULES A111 GAMES CUP Special thanks to A111 Games, our main sponsor Before Start Cup we make a Open Day with a concert of a singer in our sim SLE Soccer. OFFICIAL FIELD SLE SOCCER Valenthria, Etheliel (77, 125, 3900) --------------------------------------- PLAYERS : 9 VS 9 MAX PLAYERS FOR EACH TEAM 14 Min. Players for don't lose match :6 TIME 2 Time for 15 Minutes TIME OF PLAY : START DAY MATCH 13:00 SL The time max of tollerance in crash situation will be 2 minutes. T.O.S. GAMES CUP During the game will possible talk in chat PRESIDENT,COACH,CAPTAIN The Players CAN'T change HUD..The Goalkeeper CAN change HUD If player go to GK position can't return in PLAYER position If players have problems with HUD need communicate to Referee The list of players need to be send to Referee 5 minutes before start match If a player receives a red card, but continues to disturb the game, will be banned from the sim SLE Soccer List of Referee: Fabrizio Kalinakov Saverio Didero Yallix Yootz Kreison Jacobus JOIN FEE : 0 Linden 0 Ticket is FREE -------------------------------------------------------- - LIST OF PRIZES FOR A111 TOURNAMENT - -------------------------------------------------------- 1ST 18.000 Linden 2ST 8.000 Linden +1 TEAM COMPLETE KIT FULL PERM (Home,Away,Gk) 3st 4.000 Linden All teams will have a "participation medal" ------------------------------------------------ I remind you that this tournament is dedicated to fair play and respect to each other .. We use this tournament for the testing HUD, bug fixes. In January will start the official championship SLE SOCCER. From some weeks will be available the new website with New graphics,New Tools,Register Area,and more Good luck and may the best win in the near future there will be many surprises for SLE Soccer from the sim radio commentator in the live games, concerts before the games, shows, theme nights and more. ------------------------------------
  4. I love you put into practice what the real life taught me .. But 'I have fun with game,marketing,business ^ ^ .. A passion that I have in real life: D
  5. Hello to all forum My name is Saverio Didero In second life my work is Skin, Shape, Sculpt, Texture, Creating Logos,Animation I had work with Cavalieri Staff,Industry Fabbrica, Currently i am working with V.G.I. staff with Grapich on hud,Idea about Hud,Animation In real life my work is : Marketing advertising, creating logos, music .. Nice to meet you
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