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  1. DEAR Mad Summer ’19 Fishing Tournament Fishers We warmly welcome you to the two month Summer madness of fishing, prizes, amazing locations, achievements, rewards and much more! It’s time to fish for elusive fish on the grid and catch them! The more you find, the more MadPoints and prizes you’ll get! The Summer Fun will run from July 15th 5pm SLT until September 15th. Why Join MadPea during this amazing Fishing Tournament? With over 17,000 peas fishing you can imagine the number of visitors to your land or store. Picture the increase in traffic to your place! Also, since peas love to shop, calculate the potential increase in sales! So come join in the MadPea fun! Head on down to the Mad City Beach and purchase your Fishing Stations any time from now to the end of the hunt! Or head on over to marketplace to buy your directly from there! Grab your Fishing Stations at Mad City Beach Find your Fishing Stations on marketplace
  2. Sorry to hear that, lavalois
  3. Fayhound, experience isn't necessary. Contact me inworld
  4. It does usually, and I'm leaving room for earlier starts or later ends. (depending on what players need) I just wanted a vague time to work with people's schedules.
  5. SL is really a good medium for it, and I can't wait to try it. Thanks, janetosilio seanabrady, if you drop me an IM inworld, we may be able to work something out. Still looking for 4 to 5 players. Ranger and bard are filled. Come join the fun
  6. We have a ranger and bard, but we need 4 or 5 more players to round off the team. IF INTERESTED, contact Threshin Barnett inworld Game Style: Critical Role type P&P (for those who are unfamiliar, you can find Critical Role on youtube.) Game output: Voice and type (players are not required to speak on voice, but the GM/DM will be doing so.) Campaign style: A balanced Mix of combat and story with scaling combat difficulty to allow players to feel out the game and GM/DM. Suggestions: Keep notes. Good, detailed notes. On a notepad outside of sl. Keep a firm hold on your sense of humor, there may be glitter. Provided: one on one work with backstory and any issues that might arise. Including a walk-through of the dndbeyond website to create a character if assistance is needed. Guild Dice. Forbidden (cue dark and mysterious music): Trolling, griefing and meta gaming. Game day/times: Fridays 5-6 SLT pm (times may run late, depending on game and schedules of players.) Story tease: (scene set: Elderly woman sits at a window, staring blindly into the darkness, tears spilling down her face as a raspy whisper breathes over her chapped lips): Be careful, my childe, don't stray through those hills. In the valley beyond, the very land kills. Be wary, my childe, of each shadow, each stone, and never, oh never, walk you alone. Be certain, my childe, that you wish to take this path. For once you are in, there is no coming back..... Welcome to Cartouncia, a nation lost to the rest of the lands. It's a place of secrets, a place of mysteries, a place where people would just as soon slit your throat as look at you. Are you strong enough to survive? Can your cunning save you from a dagger in the back? Will your magic save you from being a tree? Join us and find out.
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