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  1. So, just to report in, I got my listings restored yesterday evening. Earlier in the day I had submitted a list of the urls connected with my support ticket. As Richardus points out, Top Selling Products is a good place to track down your missing listing and Copy Link the url from that. It was a bit time consuming but worked well enough. Dakota Linden forwarded my listing info on to the team and within a few hours all my listings were restored as (no version folder) listing folders with ID numbers, in my Unlisted tab. From there I just Cut the version folder from the numberless Item folders sitting in my Unassociated tab and pasted them into the correct numbered folder in the Unlisted tab. Right click on the version folder and Activate and then was able to preview them from the Manage Listings page on the website. All looked correct and I then Listed them. I hope they don't do this again.
  2. thanks for that post update Kool, good to know. I was going to suggest that if anyone else who's been affected, and you get your listings restored, maybe might want to post here to update us all that there is some progress being made with this problem!
  3. just to update dec 4th, I've got same list of 27 products sitting in Unassociated so , no recovery as yet of listings of mine that were deleted by LL. OTOH, in CasperTech chat the other day, Casper indicated he had been able to get LL to recover/restore his deleted listings. This apparently was by dint of, and I quote, 'nagging and submitting tickets ++'.. soo, in order to see some action I guess we need to nag and submit one ticket after another about our deleted listings until LL sees fit to do something about restoring them. The one positive note I can see is, they apparently WERE able to recover the listings they had deleted.
  4. That's strange; all 27 of my affected products are food/beverage items. Nothing at all to do with http requests, just animation scripts in them. And all are COPY products.
  5. Oh Kate!... several hundred?! :((.. I actually dread opening the loader up again to see if there are more now that have become 'non-products'!
  6. I regularly put products up on Marketplace. All was fine and as usual yesterday.. loaded up and listed a few new products. Today, I open up my Unassociated tab and find 27 current products suddenly not only unlisted and unavailable on my Marketplace store, but unassociated at all! Can someone at Linden Lab explain this please? Do I really have to create these listings all over again and round up my info and pictures and crosslink them with other products again??? I've had no emails from LL about this and btw , we are not talking sex bed products here we are talking Hot Coffee Jug.. Creamy Eggnog Server.. Roast Turkey and Potato Platter... Vintage Ice Cream Cart, and the like.
  7. I just had to fix a bunch of listings today too.. gas wall lanterns , bunch of types all set to Adult, variety of ordinary sitting furniture set to Adult, mesh flexi roses set to Adult!, .. but the one listing that really took the prize was 'Glass Candy Cane Jar' ... set to Adult. I mean, it's a bloody cane cane jar!!!! Are these people really old enough to be running this business?
  8. Thanks for the answers both of you. Innula, I sped up the scroll speed a bit, and that did reduce the jump considerably. Thanks!
  9. I'm making a little ornament thingy, and I've applied a texture to the outer surface, on a cylinder prim. On Touch, the texture begins to scroll across and then it stops scrolling when the Off switch is hit. I'm noticing that when it starts, the texture first makes a sudden jump before the scrolling begins (does the same thing on Stopping the scroll, jumps to the 0 0 offset specified in how the texture is laying on the prim). Is there some reason it's doing this? Here's the script line for the texture scroll on the outer face of the cylinder: llSetTextureAnim(ANIM_ON | SMOOTH | LOOP, 1,1,1,1.0, 1,0.003); The one for off is same, cept it has the anim bit off. On the prim, the texture is just laying plain 1 to 1 and with no offset specified, just Hor 0 and Vertical 0. Is there something I need to alter, maybe in the texture? to have it stop appearing this way? Thanks for answers.
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