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  1. As a hybrid (both lycan and vampire) I can be very scary, which is also a form of power (best of both worlds) but as a father of two lycan teens... well them can hold their own... so I guess it's a tie
  2. There is already a potion to do that Sierra, you can actually reap your soul and move it to whomever you choose and it has been updated so now you can do it every three months or so, it used to be a one time potion thing
  3. International data protection laws vary from country to country but there is something that it is clearly stated and common for them all- "Establishes requirements for notice, consent, accuracy, security and access" The minute you get a random bite request and if you have not been joined into the database, you get a VERY CLEAR warning on local chat that you are about to join the system, accepting the bite can be defined as consent. If you somehow feel that your data has been mishandled by the creators and would like to be removed from it, I agree that there should be an option to do so oth
  4. Quote: exchanging a soul for sex is way different and a bit like covered up prostitution. I prefer things clearer - if one loves having tons of sex, have tons of it for the sheer tons of pleasure! I equally respect declared prostitution in the open and honestly, like in an sl brothel. (First clan I ever happen to stumble upon had a strip club as its main meeting place and focus - not my cup of tea again, but I respected them for being clear and honest about it.) And as it has been said above, minions aquired in exchange for sex and nothing more to make them stay after that, will rarel
  5. I think people are still getting carried away by the initial "grief" bloodlines users caused during its first year, that like most said, forced some SIM owners to ban bitting and vampire huds from their venues. There are still -like in most systems- users that simply won't abide to the rules of common courtesy when interacting with other avatars. I can make a long list of examples of other non-vampire systems that do cause more grief than the random bitting requests that seem to annoy -which I have suffered from new users myself and I can understand how getting an unrequested bite can be inva
  6. hahaha we do have a gossiping area, there's an open terrace where most patrons go and chat for hours while sipping on the precious liquids
  7. Godrik was not just incredibly evolved, but also experienced due to how long he'd been alive... Godrik was an amazing character, it was sad to see him go
  8. OMG yes! Pam's a bitch but I love her forwardness! no crap folks! this is me
  9. hahaha what a fun idea! I dont believe I have a pic like that so gimme a sec
  10. I agree! A hybrid hud would definetly sell and would be welcome among old users and new users alike
  11. Well, I am not much of the bragging type, but we are quite proud of our sim and what we have done with it and we do have a vamp / lycan bar that we are very proud of "The willing noob" Open terrace on the second floor, a mini club for random events and beach access thru the back door, with blood shots and moonshine vendors
  12. Immortality as alluring as it sounds, if it were a solitary condition only I suffered it'd make me cinical and bored of the world eventually, unless I kept reinventing myself as to not be bored, but at some point there would be a point I guess where you would have seen it all and done it all. The world is in constant change however, so it'd be intriguing to see what direction mankind takes over time
  13. As a hybrid father of a lycan, I remember insisting and pushing the lumen shots (moonshine) until it actually got scripted and sold on the bloodlines platform and which we (as a hyrbid / lycan family of two) felt it was missing But is there something that you as an active user would like to see either removed, improved, changed or updated? I could certainly do without the emotes button in the vampire hud and add for example glamoring, which is in the human hud but not on the vampire hud
  14. A graphical and simple example on how the action used on syntaxis can change the actual use of the tool, which can be transfered to the use of "tools" in RL or SL Is not the same "having" a tool, "being" a tool, "using" a tool. It's all on the action put to the actual tool that changes it, and this is always in the hands of the user. and covering other points covered by users, I don't exactly hand out garlic as candy, but I do inform new users that the option is there as protection and give them the necklace if asked for it.
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