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  1. So, I have been trying to get into building. I have modeled in the past and I have over the past few days been improving my skills and actually learn how to texture stuff. It would be a nice way for me to practice a skill I always wanted to learn. Earn a few spare L$ in the process, and give people a product I think will be valuable to some communities on SL. My current focus being on literate roleplay. Uploading Meshes would be amazing for me, and would help me deliver some high-quality items! However, there are two problems: I have walked throught he IP Quiz multiple times, and even though every time I finish it says 'you are now registered to upload meshes', it is never actually activated of some sort on my dashboard. Every time I return to the rights page it still shows up red and not-passed. That, and the text 'you are now registered for mesh rights' isn't exactly correct feedback either, because I haven't even touched the subject of a payment method yet. I do not have a verified Paypal account. For one very simple reason: would I have interest and/or access to a credit card I would not be using Paypal in the first case, and linking your bank account to paypal has proven dangerous to other users in the past. Instead, as a dutchman, I use iDeal to safely wire money to my Paypal account through my own bank. It ensures minimum losses and perfect safety for me should something go wrong with my paypal account. And to be honest I can think of a good reason to upload Meshes for which I pay L$ to do. So unless I can pay L$, I can't upload, if I get my L$ legally, what does my payment info have to do with anything? Some have already argued that this would be for the creators to get to you should you upload something that breaks their intellectual property rights. Were it not that all LL removes would be your property rights infringing material from the marketplace. And I am already registered as an Adult for which I required a reference to a legal document? Could they not use that instead of my bank info? So in short: How do I trigger the completed IP tutorial to, well, actually show up as completed?Why the IP Tutorial say I should be registered to upload Meshes while apparently other criteria aren't met.Why do I need to have payment info if I have the L$ to upload the Mesh already to begin with?On the latter: please don't tell me it's for offended rights holders to get to me. There is other data for them to do so that I have already entered if it is even within the terms for LL to pass that information out to offended rights holders.
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