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  1. http://www.mediafire.com/?7k4ks5f9sab36b5 I've made this, with my own shape. And I would love to see it rigged properly, I have rigged it with Maya 2011. But everytime I go to upload it, it goes bonkers.
  2. Okay, So I've been playing around with Maya rigging ect. And I baught Wiz's plugin, for 3ds max as it doesn't work for windows 7 yet. And I exported it from .fbx and imported it into Maya 2011, now it works but not correctly. It bind's it odd, as if it's in the wrong direction or something. I'm not sure how to attach files, but I've uploaded my maya scene to Mediafire. I'd love if someone could look and see what's up =) http://www.mediafire.com/?v2jf486cxjcrjbl
  3. http://i.imgur.com/YIM1j.jpg Would weights be causing that problem, or rigging?
  4. Heya, I was wondering if anyone had successfully rigged a mesh using Maya and Maya alone. I've been trying for DAYS. And obviously I am doing something wrong. I'd love to know if anyone else accomplished it, and if so, how?
  5. I was wondering, how to rig a mesh piece of clothing? As I've seen it done around SL, flickr and youtube and I've made this dress. But I'm having trouble getting it to successfully import into SL as rigged. Im using Maya 2011. I was wondering if there's a certain way of doing it, or something. Thankyou so much, Sommer
  6. Everytime I hit Avatar Weight's and Joints it doesn't let me upload. This is the .dae file http://www.mediafire.com/?1el9ai2ca8u21fe or the .mb http://www.mediafire.com/?2exz7svdbj72x6l If you wanted to have a look =) I'd appreciate it a lot. I'm not completely new to Maya, but this is new to me.
  7. aw thankyou so much! I will try it now and see how I go. What version of Maya do you use? =)
  8. guY Ralior wrote: import is make sure that you set your joint size in kinematics to .03 then the skeleton will work for you. Awesome, How do I do that? I'm learning animation in Maya. Haha, Sorry =) but thankyou for your help, both of you!
  9. Hi Everyone, This is my first post here! I was wondering, where you get the avatar skeleton from, that you can use in 2012 maya to rig a mesh too. I've made something simple, that's in mesh and i've uploaded it fine in SL but I wanted to rig it to the second life avatar. Thankyou for all your help. sommer.
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