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  1. Cry Hawker wrote: When i heard about the ban of third party exchanges I was upset first as it is clearly a loss of services. I used Virwox to exchange lindes to euros with a couple of clicks and almost no time loss. Actually it took me one minute for the whole process. Paying a Virwox terminal. Exchanging the Lindens to EUR and then cashing out to pay pal. No waiting for your money that for some reason was "floating" in virtual nirvana. I saw a nice game on sail on Steam...no problem. Needing some EUR for Ebay quickly? No problem. It was safe and nice and i loved it. Now this is gone. Lindex takes up to 5 days they say but its more likelly to be a minimum of 5 days. And its only processing USD. Linden Lab did close down the third party exchanges and does nothing to improve their own service a bit. Thats how a monopoly works. If customers cant chose you dont need to improve what you got. In my opinion the third party exchanges were competitive exactly because they answered a certain need of services Linden Lab did not provide. Iam not sure if choking the cash flow is a good idea for a business. But well what do I know. Well, I just spent my last 30 EUR on SL that I'll ever be able to. As stated in the first post; LL is not getting any money anymore from me. The constant changes LL makes to both the server, viewer, and now money flow, makes me more and more frustrated with it and I am getting more and more interested in just leaving SL altogether and skipping off to do something actually FUN with my life. If any Linden Lab employee is reading this; you're pushing your userbase away with your constant changes. You're effectively pushing your product on the road to bankruptcy. Have fun with it. I'll just sit on the sidelines and watch the ship sink. You clearly don't want my business.
  2. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: well since "not allowed" or "not authorized" can be understood in different way, it can also been be understand as "non acredited".. so you just can keep buying your l$ the way you use to do, the only difference wil be there wont be anymore software for checking if you can trust or not.. so it will be at your own risk, but honnestly i dont think there will be a big difference, if you already trust the system you use to use. As explained in this article, "Linden Lab’s support team is telling people that LL is interpreting “not authorized” to mean “not permitted” rather than “not accredited." It's unfortunate, but it will stop my moneyflow altogether.
  3. The new ToS puts me in a position where I can not purchase L$ from LL anymore. Here are the reasons why: Where Gyndex and DX Exchange allowed me to use the money transfer processes I have available to me, Lindex does not.Lindex does not allow me to process my funds in any way that is realistic in these days. It takes too long for the money to be processed.Lindex hardly ever works, especially in-game, as;the in-game browser is not up to my banks' security standards.I do hope LL wises up when they find their money flow suddenly grind to a halt when people like me, who are unable or unwilling to use Lindex, stop investing in L$.
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