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  1. ****THE VOICE!!***** !EVENTS COMING UP IN AUGUST! Greetings! Thank you all for your support over the last week you have all been a amazing group of folks and I hope you have enjoyed your experience of the voice as much as we have this is our first ever open area like this but we aim to provide you all the best second life grow with us and we ensure you the best time of your life of your money back*! ================================================= Clubs: True Combat In Second Life: This club is for any one who is interested in experiencing combat here in Second Life, we will experience combat with the Linden Damage Combat system. We will introduce anyone interested to the Second Life Military Community and teach you everything you need to know about what its about and how to do it. We will be starting with the basics and prepare everyone for a large attack of ultimate combat where we will attack a Second Life Military together and gain a victory in a attack which will go down in history as well as introduce you to the individual militaries them selves Please look at the events listings for more information. In Music We Trust: This club is for anyone interested in music. Its a place for musicians and lovers of music to gather and show off their work and entertain the grid. The group will organise music events here at the voice as well as discuss and explore some great music locations on the grid. See events for more information. Roleplay/Gaming: Here we will show you different areas of roleplay and discuss what roleplay is. It will also be give you a chance to explore some great roleplay sims and get you settled into a roleplay environment thats right for you. Please contact SirNick Balazic for more information and group events Messenger Construction: Messenger Construction is a sanctuary for content creators who would like help advice or inspiration with there projects. Its also a great place for new builders to come and gain some help and advice into how to make their work Grade A. Please contact SirNick Balazic for more information and group events ================================================= EVENT LISTINGS: Wednesday 7th August 2013 - True Comabt In Second Life: This will be the first meeting for any one interested in exploring the world of combat at this event we will discuss the history of combat and a introduction to what it entails. We will also discuss weaponry, tactics, movement and lag. Please Contact SirNick Balazic for more information Friday 16th August 2013 - In Music We Trust This meeting will host a bedroom DJ party. It will be a open night where anyone can stream. If you would like to do your own DJ Mix, Perform your own song and even sing live this is the night to do it! it will be hosted by xxKittyKatxx Anton please contact her for more information. Thank you for reading and we wish you the best SL! *THIS IS A FREE LOCATION OF COURSE YOUR NOT GETTING YOUR MONEY BACK PSYCHE!
  3. ****THE VOICE!!***** Voice chat with others and meet new people! build and script enabled so you can unpack your junk whenever :) Everyone is welcome! It is a moderate sim. Newbie friendly! Do you like trance or techno music? We have the best hits playing here at the voice. We also sometimes have live Dj's. We will be having events,partys,etc. >>We are also looking for officers. Note that this is not a job. A volunteer opportunity . Please message XxkittykatxX Anton or SirNick Balazic for details. << Need Advertising for your store? Our shops are 100 prims. 2L per extra prims. They are quite big. Come check them out! We also have advertising signs open. Only 20L per week. Come check us out! Landmark: Darnassus (29,75,30)
  4. i tried using different viewers but they are all the same! i cant move. i used pheonix, beta, sl viewer 2, firestorm. i cant move! i see everything but i cant. im stuck. please help? i used windows 64bit
  5. Everytime i try to log on i get a message that says..Inventory System is currently unavailable?
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