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  1. While the graphics are great ... with all the attacks and other junk going on. I dont know too many people who keep their cards on ultra or high .. my 770 for example I keep on mid or less due to the crashers and hack jobs so many do. Id love to have it on high but till the crap stops im keeping my stuff stress free.
  2. So far here today heres the names of atleast one person with these names. Maybe track to see where its coming from and contact isp that harassing things are coming from them if its all the same etc. but of course if they are rerouting/faking ip's then new course of action. Eachbannequals45cracheslulzzzzz ubanmeicrashyyoululzzzzzzzzzzzz jiggaboolatte powladomyshoe eatmyshoesrightnow letsgocaligirlluld iwannaplaylulu
  3. I would normally agree with you, however at this point I think having a Gforce 590 or Radeon 6990 or even close to it. Is a very small list of users on here. Not only that the amount of bandwidth required for it since many isps around the world have caps. Makes it a priority down the line. Do I believe making a better client? Of course? Do I believe users need to send in information? Its where you can get info straight from the horses mouth. Is banning these people the answer .. Yeah right. They just sign up for a new account. How many people have several accounts from bans. I've atleast heard of many. What they don't like is they loose what they have on their main account. I think this has become everyone else's problem, yet its all of our problems ... Meaning we've become part of it. Something needs done, but when its happening more than once a day in many places Linden needs to work on a solution.
  4. If this was just Ahern I would laugh it off, but this is many other places to, like clubs, hangouts, etc. So we know this is the internet is not to take it serious etc.. The issues im speaking about is when you join places and your lagged and your video card get attacked causing your SL client to crash. When you have many others around you talking about it and suddenly bam people so dropping like flies. Heres some info ... from Event Viewer The program Firestorm-Release.exe version stopped interacting with Windows and was closed. To see if more information about the problem is available, check the problem history in the Action Center control panel. Process ID: 9af4 Start Time: 01cccead82ba15f5 Termination Time: 40 Application Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Firestorm-Release\Firestorm-Release.exe Report Id: ffbbc92b-3aa0-11e1-b7bf-6cf0495e0747 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ P.S. This same errors also occur with SL viewer
  5. Again tonight I was around a chat and suddenly a few black flickers and my second life client crashed. However before I hit ok. I could still hear others with the same issue. They had also mentioned how it had effected them days before. I was also a victum of those times are more. First off lets make this clear, it has been reported MANY times, by me and others. My video card is not going out nor is there a problem with my drivers. Ive been through 3 versions alone this week. The attacks and sctipt floods and what have you that have been going on in Ahern and other places are uncalled for and its time to STOP blaming us users who are caught in the cross fire. I can be a nobody to many but lets get real if Linden labs has any intrest in getting new people and KEEPING them. This is a big issue of its own. Usually I just say its "second life" but lets be honest. Something needs done cause im no longer going to put money into it here when whever you join you freeze and get knocked off. I know others are as well if it doesnt stop.
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