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  1. Just wanted to say, we are not an adult club. But a family place, where we want to build good relationship between visitors and workers. For us good feelings and great talks are most importen. we accept all type of music genre
  2. Yuitza Sound Garden are a newly open place in secondlife in the sim of " Yuitza " We have been holding open now for 4 weeks, where we run 1 live music show each week. But we decide we want to do more often show in secondlife, and for this we have some open position. POSTION AVABAL -Host -DJ -Live singer -Live entertainer -Club Manager You can Contact Asae Yuitza inworld to recive a application. or you can visit our land http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New Eridani/194/59/22 As extra information , We do run the club after the basic of payment in Tips only. But after this is a place going to hold open more often, we give everyone 50 lindens each hour ( as a start up salery ) + tips ( on later stage it will go back to only tips ). the 50 lindens you get each hours, will be until 1 January 2019. Club Manager do have a full payment of 500 lindens a week + tips ( can be higher on some weeks where we need more work ).
  3. Looking to buy a full region. It has to be minimum a nr 5, sim. looking for something, that is not to expensiv for me. if it is close to renew time. it dosent mather, if it i cheep to sign over.
  4. Hello.We sorry to bother you. We are running a football club (soccer), that is named Manchester United SL.And unfortunately we are losing the current land that we have, and we are searching for a new place to have our field. And we are hoping someone, would want to sponsor us with a land to have it on.We do not ask to have own land, after we can have it in sky above residence area.But it is important for us, that it isn't a homestead sim. You probably ask yourself what do you get back. These are some of the things we can offer back. - You get visitors to your land ( in a match it is usually max 25 people on stadium, matches are from 12 pm - 2 pm ).- We will play with your sponsor (logo) on our football (soccer) shirts.- You will have sponsor advert boards on the sides of the field, where you can have own sponsors, or even rent out to others.- We ask if we can have 4 or 6 spots of advertising around the field, where we can rent them out to others. to be able to pay players salary.- Include you can use our team as sponsorship material, in any commercial advertising you use.- If you would want us to move out one day, we would be asking for 1 month to be able to find new land.- We ask for possibility to get 250 - 500 prims. If this sound interesting, or you would like to talk to us about own ideas.Please contact Asae Yuitza Best wishes fromAsae Yuitza A little bit about our club.We are one of the oldest football club in secondlife (established in 2008).We offer new people to join us, and we teach them up.We are not as many other team, where people make problem. most of our players are from 22 years old - 50 years old in real life.We are also the team with most matches, ever in secondfootball.the football system we play in is www.secondfootball.comAnd we promise to promote you're company, in a way that will satisify you.
  5. just one extra thing, as referee and as player. it is not allowe to wear prims during match. So exampel felxi hair need to be changde out to newbee hair. So no furry can be referee, if so they would need to remove all prims just for the match.
  6. no, you don't need to now about the soccer rules in real life. and any gener are welcome. We will give you a rule book , that you can look on. include we will hold a few classes to teach people how the hud work, include guide you in some friendly matches. most importen for us , are that you feel comfortabel and secure about being a referee. before we let you out on real league matches. the rules for secondlife football, is a bit diffrent from real life rules and everyone is welcome to become a player int he game . that is total free to be After all huds , are free to get.
  7. We looking for people interested in becoming referees for a football game ( soccer) in world game. You need to keep calm , when people get mad and show authority as a referee. We will be teaching you up as a referee and let you referee in friendly matches. before we give you league matches. The referees get paid by each match they referee. Contact Asae Yuitza
  8. We are in search for sport reporters, the type of sport are football ( soccer). The journalist, will recive payment for each report they do. They will be making story about players, match report and stuff that is about the league organization. If you interest you can contact, Asae Yuitza
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