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  1. no matter where i go, my land a sand box, anywhere, i am unable to cut a prim, i can do everything else but that...
  2. so it seems that when i use audacity and use the effect amplify, and increase gain, though the sound is nice and loud in audacity after i bring it into second life as 16 bit 44100 htz it's really quiet, with gestures i know i can put the sound in multiple times to make it louder which is dumb cause it takes up what limited steps i have...however when i use llplaysound in a prim with the uuid the sound is very quiet.......at least to me.........and i know it can be louder because i have seagull sounds that are loud as heck. any sugestions?
  3. no i cant i get this when i do his XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
  4. thanks so much......i wonder why i dont get email alerts for this.....i get email alerts for everything else.
  5. i want to "sell" some gestures i made in world for 1 linden each. and i want the "customer" to be able to hear the gesture, before they buy it. so where do i start?
  6. im trying to chop a song into 9 second clips and put them in a prim to play but audacity does a lousy job
  7. its a chimera..... its a griefing script that a person can use from anywhere in second life. they dont have to be in the same sim they just need your key..........if you are using firestorm... click on the name whatever it is it might say unknown.....then youll see owner so and soo and given the opportunity to block it..
  8. so what happens when you bought something inworld a few years ago and now it does not work and the creator no longer logs in
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