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  1. I need someone who has expeience with 1) How to get the search ranking high 2) Where to advertise in world (e.g., boards, sims, classified) 3) Where to advertise off world (facebook, web site, instagram etc) Need ASAP! Please contact me inworld!
  2. Thanks everyone - I got several responses. Expect a message back from or my partner soon.
  3. I have a few questions about Gor RP. 1) Why do men wear skirts in Gor? 2) Do they also wear panties under the skirt, or are they going commando? 3) If they are going commando, aren’t they worried about getting their balls chopped off during a sword fight? 4) Shouldn’t they at least wear a cup? 5) Why are women always pouring drinks in Gor? Thanks much in advance for your response.
  4. That's actually my cover story. I always say that I am a hired gun.
  5. Spot on. I never meet a woman from SL in RL unless she has cammed naked for months and has a good body and very little limits.
  6. This thread is exactly why everyone on SL has to have a cover story. You WILL be asked about your RL. Have a story ready. Just like your SL is a fantasy, create a cover story that's a fantasy too. Rehearse it, so that you get the basic details right. Remember that cover stories shouldn't be that different than your actual real life story, as otherwise you will just screw up and get caught lying sooner than later. It's basically what undercover cops do. They create a cover story close to their actual life but not quite, and remove all identifable details. And voila.
  7. I think you are being naive here. Perhaps you should go to the slave auctions - there are two main ones, PoD and Sensual - and read some notecards. What I adviced is being followed by many women there.
  8. When I joined, some woman told me something about offering free ***** sex, and when I accepted that a butt plug appeared out of nowhere in RL and started to ***** me in the ass. True story. PS: And no lube, either.
  9. I have had sugar babies in SL. Those were some of my best relationships. They never wanted to change me, asked me to roleplay or wanted to have any other form of sl sex, wanted me to go shopping, dancing, or exploring with them. They would however endlessly BS with me on all kinds of nonsense topics. Really good to clear the head after a stressful day. I paid them between 10-20k lindens a week, depending on how much time commitment and time flexibility they offered. And then, without fail, they all changed and started hinting at having a romantic relationship. I promptly dumped them and moved on.
  10. I come to SL when I am bored out of my mind and need someone to BS with for a while. It’s like going to a bar and chatting with the fellow next to you. If in return I had to have SL sex I wouldn’t even log on. If a woman wants me to role play with her to make her happy, in return she needs to make me happy by at least sending a pic of her shoving some ginger up her rear end in RL. And no, internet downloads don’t count. I can download such pictures myself.
  11. What is the purpose of a slave auction? A lot of women would say that it’s a chance to meet a great partner. That’s total BS. You can find a partner at any sim. In the slave auction, you only get people who can’t get a partner without paying. That’s your idea of a best partner? Another group of women say that they want the experience. They will go with the highest bidder no matter whether they like the bidder or not. Then they will serve out the 7 hours. I respect this group as they are genuinely trying out a fantasy, even though they know odds are that it will be a miserable experience, unless they are into or want to try out being treated poorly. That leaves the third group, who are there for the money. My advice was for them. It’s an advice that works. I am male and I know that most males would pay a ***** tonne of money with the hopes of something remotely resembling sex. It is in my mind a public service to separate a fool from his money. Otherwise it leads to inefficient allocation of resources.
  12. Drake, Please don't misquote me. I never said that I don't want to do anything that doesn't please only me. Take the only out. Yes, if I am pleasing someone, I want to be pleased in return. That's not selfish at all. It's the foundation of a healthy relationship. I am not selfless, but that doesn't mean I am selfish. I believe in the middle ground. You may not, and more power to you then. Keep pleasing women trusting that they will please you in return. I don't do trust, I verify. I may not have had SL sex in 12 years, but I talk to women all the time on SL. The majority philosophy still is that SL sex has to be what arouses women, and men need to come along for the ride. Otherwise they are a piece of excrement. In fact, I would say that the attitude has shifted a lot more in that direction over the past 12 years. Witness this thread. Only a couple women have talked about pleasing men here. Anyway, you do as you wish, and I will do as I wish. Peace out, Beck
  13. I see that you didn't answer why you responded to me. To quote you, nice dodge. I have no fight with you Drake. I only want to discuss the topic. I will ignore all your future posts that are off topic.
  14. Drake, What is your reason for responding to me? I post what I post, where I post, when I want to post.
  15. You stated that you can do it, and I would grant you that you do show intent of doing it, but not how. Perhaps the answer is, every man is different. I apologize and retract my insinuation that you were not engaging in the topic.
  16. I don't have SL sex. Haven't in 12 years. When you ask an impertinent question, and are told that you won't get an answer, the knee jerk reaction is - oh, you are so defensive. But a knee jerk reaction is not an intelligent reaction. The intelligent reaction would be to engage in the topic, which is whether SL women know how to please SL men, care about doing so, and how they are doing it.
  17. I only care about pleasing women who care about pleasing me in return. I don't need to justify my reason for doing anything to you. PS: Do you know how to please a man on SL, or care about doing so? If yes, I would love to hear about that from you or any other woman.
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