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  1. I have been searching for personalized name tattoos. My husband and I are looking for matching name tats but so far anything that looks decent is mostly feminine lookiing. There is not a lot of options on MP. We did try one person but the tats were crap and looked like a child did it. All we want is each others names in a nice font that works for men and women just under the belly button slightly turned down on the sides. If you know of anyone, please let me know and thank you so much. Ivanna Doobie
  2. Bad news is, we couldn't get the cabin back. It belonged to her "ex" who has left SL so it was returned to who knows where lol. Good news is we were able to find the same cabin and I paid for her to purchase it. BUT, I have to wonder, she also purchased a little greenhouse for out the back....I'm wondering if that's where I have to live now LOL. She was really cool about it and we had a few good laughs.
  3. Thanks bee, I will have to wait until she comes online later and ask her. I'll let you know (if i'm still alive lol) Thank you
  4. I was at my friends house where I can rez things. I opened a purchase, copied it to my inventory. Then when I went to delete what I had rezzed, I deleted her house by mistake. I am soooo dead. Help please, is there any way of getting it back? :matte-motes-crying: It's not in my trash, could it have gone in hers or returned to her?
  5. She has tried character test, switching viewers etc and still not working. Any ideas please and thanks
  6. Thanks everyone, not sure what happened but when I logged in this time, they were normal. I appreciate all your comments.
  7. Suddenly my legs have this ugly lump at the back right above the ankles. Anyone have any suggestions how to fix this please and thank you
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