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  1. It's being discontinued, but reading about it , the descriptions of the product that I can find make it sound quite a lot like the Lab's Project Sansar. I'm really curious about exactly why MS is shutting it down, but can't find any real information. Also wondering if their shutting down will affect Linden Lab's plans? Does anyone know??
  2. Oh for goodness sake PLEASE DO NOT do this! WE all have enough problems now keeping inventroy sorted. This in my humble opinion, would just become another nightmare folder like the current "objects folder" can be if not worked on every few days. Only with this one it presents so much more opportunity for my inventory to get in a mess. If someone sends me a script, it should go to my Scripts folder. A notecard should go to the Notecards folder. A texture should go to the Textures folder. Etc. I loved the idea of having a new folder to which Marketplace Purchases would be directed, but i sure don't like the idea of every single thing I receive, no matter where it comes from, going into a single folder like this. :matte-motes-crying:
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