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  1. Thank you for the response, Madelaine. That is very disappointing. I would think that wouldn't be terribly difficult functionality to implement. Ah, well.
  2. Hello! I did a cursory search on this and haven't found much, but I was wondering if it is possible to post pics from my photo album to my feed. I pay 10L each time I save one, so I would think that being able to post it to my feed would be a win/win for me and Linden Lab. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks! Claire
  3. I am not sure how it works to post a pic to feed either from inventory or upload. Can you explain that? I'm having the same profile feed error.
  4. I cntinue to have the same problem. Still not resolved as of today, just if anyone from LL is checking. I did the complete clearing of cache, logs, data, reinstall, etc. thing as well for Firestorm and the latest official viewer.
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